Dr. Gray is Co-Founder of Ourobionics BV (2020): A startup multiplexing advanced tissue engineering technologies for 4D bioprinting of cyborganic tissues embedded with self assembly bioelectronics, biosensors, genetic, & nanotherapeutics. R&D focus: Minimally invasive self-powered 4D cyborganic iPSC neural regeneration device, biorobotics & 3D skin sensors. Novel 3D & 4D electric, magnetic, acoustic, & microfluidic biofabrication technologies with published high cell viability [85-90%], nanoscale resolution [50nm], 10X faster speeds, use of any high viscous biomaterials with multiple streams. It can encapsulate cells proteins, genes, or nanotherapeutics; & cells maintain their metabolic or pluripotent properties with no deformation for realistic tissue formation.