3D and quantitative imaging is a complex and rapidly growing field. Obtaining additional data from CT and MR requires structured/standardized approaches to data management and analysis. Complexity arises from the myriad of patient conditions, imaging sources, and software solutions available for analysis. As the executive manager of the Radiology 3D and Quantitative Imaging Lab I have a personal interest in the development of advanced post-processing techniques which includes building 3D models for guidance of surgical procedures, education, and workflow optimization.

I apply more than 15 years of 3D in healthcare experience to optimize scalability and workflow management for 3D printing of anatomic models. Since 2013, our team has slowly increased our knowledge and resources to a point which scaling 3D printing from 100’s to 1000’s of prints will require relatively minor changes. I plan to accomplish this through improving access to 3D print requests, utilizing years of segmentation experience, improving communication, managing expectations, and optimizing the entire path a 3D model will take from idea to print.