Jonathan Aaron Cohen is an influential figure in aerospace and defense in the realm of additive manufacturing. He is known for his pioneering contributions and dedication to research and development and leadership. As the CEO and Founder of MIMO Technik, a leading additive manufacturing company specializing in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) technology, boasting an impressive fleet of over 12 SLM machines, Jonathan has been instrumental in shaping the industry.

Jonathan’s foundation is in biomedical-mechanical engineering studies at University of Kettering. His relentless entrepreneurial spirit and astute vision have catapulted MIMO Technik to the forefront of the additive manufacturing arena. Jonathan had a distinguished background in automotive applications, having previously worked with industry-leading motorsport teams. His expertise in automotive engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques served as a strong foundation for his foray into aerospace manufacturing.

One of Jonathan’s most noteworthy achievements is the establishment of MIMO Technik as the sole qualified Boeing supplier, a trusted partner of Boeing Additive Manufacturing / Boeing Space Intelligence and Weapons Systems (BDSS / BAM). This groundbreaking collaboration has not only solidified MIMO Technik’s reputation but has also positioned it as a partner entity in the aerospace manufacturing sector.

Jonathan’s accomplishments extend further, including the qualification of metal 3D SLM systems Built to fabricate flight production hardware with precision and reliability, building the company’s status as a trusted aerospace manufacturing partner. In addition to his remarkable journey with MIMO Technik, Jonathan actively participates in industry initiatives. He serves on the board of ASTM International, with dedication to setting and upholding industry standards. Furthermore, he is a recognized figure at RAPID+TCT, an influential event in the additive manufacturing community, where he contributes to shaping the industry’s future.

Jonathan is an accomplished entrepreneur and a key figure in understanding and qualifying the technology for Boeing, and aerospace primes. Overseeing material and part qualifications for aerospace giants like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed. His participation in these OEMs’ additive specification creation process highlights his commitment to innovation and industry leadership. His pioneering additive framework is a visionary approach with the goal of revolutionizing the aerospace industry. A central element is the establishment of a systematic and repeatable machine qualification and certification system to ensure adherence to stringent performance standards. Additionally, the approach emphasizes rapid material characterization with open, flexible parameters to swiftly evaluate materials for aerospace applications. These innovations propel additive manufacturing into a transformative force in the aerospace industry, accelerating production and expanding design capabilities to meet evolving needs.