Samantha “Sam” Welch works as an additive manufacturing design engineer at Joby Aviation, developing additive components planned for eVTOL aircraft production. She has previously worked at the Additive Design and Manufacturing Center at Lockheed Martin Space, supporting designs for aerospace applications, process development, and teaching a design for additive course. She has worked with 3D printing since 2011, starting with building a Makerbot Cupcake while interning at Gulfstream Aerospace. She has worked on countless printers since. She has designed popular items such as Plantygon, a modular stacking 3D-printed planter. After graduating from Purdue University in 2012 with a computer graphics technology degree, she moved to California to work with rapid prototyping and CAD design at Tesla Motors and Apple. Recently, she completed a master of engineering in additive design and manufacturing at Penn State. Through her whole career Sam has been a 3D-printing evangelist who has worked to find and optimize useful applications for 3D printing within her work.