As the CEO and co-founder of Replique, Dr. Max Siebert coordinates the development and implementation of Replique’s additive manufacturing platform for their customers.

Max Siebert holds a PhD in material science and before founding Replique, has worked at BASF for more than 10 years in several different positions, e.g. research of advanced formulations for the integrated circuit industry. As a true believer in data and innovation, he later joined the digital transformation team and was responsible for implementing digital tools to improve innovation at BASF before building the “data-to-value” cross operating divisions team at BASF. Implementing a data “need-to-share principle”, delivering data to the hand of those who need it was part of this transformation job but also laying the foundation to offer data products to customers. Using this combination, Dr. Max Siebert is passionate to thrive the digital part adoption forward and help customers to find their ideal material-technology combinations in a lean way of conducting business with additive manufacturing.