Hugo Leads the Strategy and Uses cases creation as well as Strategic partnerships that may result in M&A or Venturing or just strategic projects, helping the company to achieve the expected growth and scaling up to use AM in manufacturing in the exciting world of 3D Printing.

Da Silva joined Stratasys in April 2023 as a result of the acquisition of Covestro Additive Manufacturing business where he was leading the business, acting as a “CeO” of the business unit and leading the project of being acquired by Stratasys, and he joined Covestro following their acquisition of DSM’s RFM business in 2021.

Prior to joining DSM, Hugo held leadership and innovation positions in emerging technologies such as 3D Printing and LED lighting, at Dow Corning/Dow. Before that, he built broad business and marketing experience at Dow Corning/Dow, Philips and Toshiba.

Over the course of his 20-year career, Hugo built extensive expertise working in fast-changing industries that went through major disruptions like TV and lighting as well as additive manufacturing. He successfully implemented technological and business model innovations to accelerate adoption of new technologies as well as scaling up to massive manufacturing.

Hugo earned an Electronics Engineering Master’s degree and an MBA in Marketing from Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He also completed financial business training from FGV in Brazil.