Gina Ghiglieri is Additive Manufacturing Manager and Subject Matter Expert at Maxar Space Infrastructure. As a leader in the satellite industry for over 60 years, Maxar has pioneered many innovative technologies utilizing AM, such as AM waveguide, AM antennas, and structural AM titanium components. With the launch of Psyche in October, a Maxar-built NASA satellite that is going to an all-metal asteroid, Maxar will have over 9,200 AM parts on-orbit, approximately 1500 of which are structural titanium. In her time at Maxar, Gina has improved production efficiency and reduced the defect rate for AM titanium parts, as well as qualified several new technologies and suppliers for spaceflight applications. Gina received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, during which she held leadership positions on the Cal Poly Formula SAE team and gained experience with AM while working at internships in the automotive and aerospace industries.