Emmanuel Ghandilyan is a 3D bioprinting/3D printing expert, entrepreneur, bioengineer and MD physician working on applying additive manufacturing technologies in biomedical science and medicine.

Emmanuel has founded his 3D bioprinting company – Foldink in 2018, which is one of the promising companies in the field. He has worked as a biomedical researcher for 6 years, successfully combining biotech entrepreneurship and medical education.

He got his MD degree in Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia, and is currently working on completing his PhD in Tissue Engineering Laboratory of the Institute of Physiology in Armenia. His main research area is on engineering human heart valves using 3D Bioprinting. Besides heart valve engineering, Emmanuel and his team are working on bioprinting applications in bone engineering. In 2019 Emmanuel Ghandilyan became a speaker during TEDx with the topic “Printing the Future…”.