As a technology industry journalist and entrepreneur, with a passion for additive manufacturing (AM) and its potential to change the world, I co-founded 3dpbm, a growing global agency, and market intelligence resource for 3D printing-related businesses. We conduct market research, publish in-depth market reports and publish several leading news websites, as well as digital magazines, focusing on the AM industry.

We continue to build one of the industry’s largest database of product sales data (machines, materials and services), which we leverage to provide comprehensive market reports along with advanced market analysis and consultancy services.

We specialize in the core AM market (hardware, materials and service providers) and continue to expand into researching AM adoption across different market verticals, spanning from vertical AM applications (automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, transportation, industrial tooling and automation) to specific AM industry verticals (materials and material families, hardware and technologies, software and services).

We also offer business development and visibility consultancy and communication services, to both startups and established companies interested in promoting their 3D printing products, implementing 3D printing services or adopting 3D printing technologies and applications. We organize webinars, events and participate in conferences worldwide focusing on 3D printing.