Rebecca is a biomedical and materials engineer with 10 years of industry and research experience in Biomedical Design and Engineering as well as 6 years of experience in 3D printing and materials. After receiving a distinction for her Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Oxford University (2010), Rebecca was awarded a European Union Marie Curie Research Fellowship to complete her Doctorate from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH, 2014). Rebecca’s expertise includes point-of-care additive manufacturing, bioactive glass research as well as shoulder, hip, and spinal implant design.

Rebecca has successfully merged innovative industry advances with sound research in the Defence, medical and additive manufacturing sectors. She has attracted over $3.3M in direct funds for a combination of industry led projects, direct industry funds, government grants, and contract manufacturing projects. She has led many bi-lateral and multi-lateral projects with diverse stakeholders including Government, Universities, Australian Defence Forces, and industry partners. Rebecca is a current External Member of the Defence Innovation Steering Group for the Australian Department of Defence, sits on the Additive Manufacturing International Standards Organisation TC261, holds a global orthopaedic implant patent and was awarded an Early Career Researcher Award (2020).