Prasad Dixit serves as the Founder, Lead Engineer, and CEO of Dixit Systems – A NYC based startup that focuses on Engineering and 3D Software development.

Prasad holds a special interest in Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing industry and is closely related to it for over 6 years. It all started when he bought a desktop FDM printer and got obsessed with it. At one point he offered 3D printing services as a hobby and side hustle for couple of years. Later on, he played a key role in development of slicing and tool-pathing algorithms for MakerBot, a subsidiary of Stratasys. He is currently focused on developing Innovana3D – A reimagined quoting & sales platform for Additive Manufacturing Service Providers.

As part of Dixit Systems consulting services, he worked in wide variety of cutting-edge application development projects including generative design and latticing algorithms, Auto-CAM functionality for a desktop CNC machine manufacturer that would let people with non-technical backgrounds generate CAM toolpaths in an intuitive manner, and myriads of other projects involving 3D visualization and CAD customization.

Currently, he is spending his time leading the effort to develop three cloud-based SaaS applications by Dixit Systems:

Innovana3D – A reimagined quoting & sales platform for Additive Manufacturing Service Providers.

CADFlux – CADFlux is a 3D CAD Visualization Engine which powers various products and solutions developed by Dixit Systems. It can be integrated in wide variety of applications – from cross-platform desktop engineering and scientific applications to cloud-based e-commerce websites that leverages 3D Visualization.

Enverter – Enverter is a dimensional analysis and unit conversion software for engineering and scientific calculations.

Prasad received MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stony Brook University, NY and BE in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University, India. Prasad has been developing engineering and 3D software for 15+ years and oversaw release of multiple commercial software applications during his career. He specializes in computational geometry and 3D/CAD software development for cloud as well as desktop applications.