My passion is in the union of Materials Science & additive manufacturing. I push the bounds and perceptions of large-scale additive manufacturing / construction.

I am currently the Program Manager for Additive Construction. I lead a team of amazing researchers composed of engineers, scientists, technicians, and students. Together we push the limits of Additive Construction to makes strides in modernizing construction. I am also a Project Manager and technical lead on Additive Manufacturing & Robotics projects. As a product of our efforts, we completed the first full-sized 3D printed concrete building in the United States and the first 3D printed bridge in the Americas (also first in the world to be printed in a field environment). Additionally, we were the first to look at continuous print operations and printing on unprepared surfaces. I look at the big picture when making decisions on a project and moving forward with research. I value simultaneously hands on and theoretical research, as I feel that it is near impossible to improve a process without understanding and working with that process.

I earned my Bachelor’s in Mathematics in May 2009 from Michigan Tech and after which became interested in recycling and materials science. I returned to Michigan Tech in 2010 and I graduated with my Master’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Michigan Tech in December 2012. During my studies I was introduced to 3D printing by Dr. Joshua Pearce, which ended up becoming part of my Master’s degree studies, thesis, and passion.

My thesis involved the viability of 3D printers environmentally, as well as the ability to use recyclable materials as filament for the printers. Please see the description under “Graduate Researcher at Michigan Technological University” below.

In addition to my interest in 3D printing and materials science, I am very passionate about maintaining a dynamic team environment, considering opposing viewpoints, defining how changes effect others, and fostering the development of others’ skills and passion. Other interests of mine are in sustainability, learning, art, recycling, doing hands on experiments and projects, mathematics, new and innovative science, and technology. I flourish in a diverse environment, to achieve better results and a comprehensive big picture view.