Humna Khan has worked in the Aerospace & Defense industry for two decades, serving in the space sector for payload development, vehicle engineering and launch activities, with a focus on failure analysis. Her previous role was in the U.S. Civilian Air Force Services leading the qualification of flight-critical hardware for rockets delivering NRO missions, guiding the DoD and DCMA. Prior to this, Humna was the Program Manager for the NASA Process Control Program for the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance. She also served as the youngest Associate Professor at the School of Engineering at Cal State LA.

Humna holds five degrees in Engineering and Business disciplines. She holds post-grad in Strategic Business Development and is a Six Sigma Black Belt for Lean Production. On her free time, she is on the NASA CubeQuest Team, where she developed a minisat capable of achieving lunar orbit that launched aboard the Artemis I mission.

Currently Humna is the CEO+Founder of ASTRO Mechanical Testing Laboratory – working closely with industry leaders to determine characteristic of 3D printed metal alloys and composites. She is also the COO of MIMO Technik – an AM company that builds production flight hardware for OEMs and new space companies. Humna aims to push the boundaries of the AM sector – from industry specifications, post-processing development, material characterization, and the consolidation of complex geometries. Ask her about her speciality, hyper-fast qualification and certification.