Felix Ewald is co-founder and CEO of Munich-based DyeMansion. His company is the world’s leading provider of finishing systems for industrial 3D printing. From perfectly fitted glasses to personalized automotive interiors, DyeMansion technology makes 3D-printed products a part of our everyday lives. With two locations in Munich and Austin, the company currently employs 90 and has raised more than €20 million in venture capital from experienced financial investors.

Even during his time studying business informatics, Ewald was interested in promising industries and developed innovative business models. Immediately after graduating he founded his first company, Trindo. Having failed in his attempt to produce high quality personalized 3D-printed cellphone cases with the corporate designs of large companies, he and his co-founder Philipp Kramer discovered the need for industrial solutions to post-process 3D-printed plastic parts. With DyeMansion, the two then laid the foundation to enable the 3D-printing industry to achieve high-quality end use products from printed components. Today, more than 600 customers from 35 countries already rely on DyeMansion’s solutions and benefit from the Munich-based company’s print-to-product platform. Their customers include many 3D-printing service providers and global market leaders from various industries such as automotive, lifestyle, retail, medical technology or sporting goods. This makes DyeMansion an essential part of the industrialization phase of 3D-printing.