Eric is currently the Director for Structures Product Development and Additive Manufacturing Innovation within Boeing Commercial Aircraft.  In this role, Eric and his team are focused on developing and maturing airframe structural architectures for various future airplane studies as well as advancing the state of the art with regard to development and implementation of additive manufacturing concepts into future BCA products.

Eric has extensive BCA structures and technology development experience including aircraft development roles on the 777X folding wingtip and wing leading edges teams, the 787-9 mid-body, and 787-8 structural test for wingbox and airframe major test. Additionally, Eric has held roles in Engineering Core – leading the Structural Methods and Allowables, Structures Damage Technology and Structural Test Engineering teams.  Eric holds a BSME from the University of Tulsa and a MSME from the University of Iowa and has worked at the Ford Motor Company as well as the Boeing Company.