Brian Matthews holds a post graduate degree in nuclear physics with over 23 years of experience in advanced nuclear energy systems design and analysis as well as advanced manufacturing for a wide range of industries and applications.  A proven successful startup entrepreneur, Brian founded a nuclear consulting company in 2012, founded a vertically integratedmetal additive manufacturingcompany in 2015, and co-founded a global additive manufacturingcompany (MELTIO) in 2019.  Brian serves as the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for MELTIO and oversees the R&D, special projects, and technology incubation activities of the company.  Brian holds several patents related to multi-laser AM and has served as the PI on several first-of-a-kind projects related to AM in micro-gravity.  Brian is an advocate for tightly integrated ground-up technologies and promotes theseprinciples within the MELTIO organization as it rapidly commercializes its novel technology to create a genuinely disruptive AM solution in the market.