Adam is an entrepreneur and scientist focused on the commercialization of breakthrough technologies in the physical sciences and novel materials.

He is a founder and CEO of Uniformity Labs, a rapidly growing additive manufacturing materials, printing, and software company born out of IP conceived and developed by himself and Princeton professor Salvatore Torquato. He has led technical and business teams at venture backed high-tech startups developing novel thermoelectric, photonic, and phononic materials.

Adam is the author of several materials and manufacturing processes patents, including on the topics of granular media density enhancement, additive manufacturing print processes, thermoelectric design and production, and phononic attenuation.

He earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry from Princeton University, where he was awarded a Charlotte Elizabeth Proctor Honorific Fellowship and the Ray Grimm Memorial Prize in Computational Physics. Adam obtained his bachelor’s degree at Princeton University (cum laude) in Physics, with minors in Materials Science and Applied Mathematics.