2018 Schedule

Day One - January 22, 2018

Medical Devices

8:00 am
Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 am
Welcome to the Conference
Lawrence Gasman, President, SmarTech Markets Publishing

9:10 am
A word from our sponsor

9:25 am
Keynote: HP
Lee Dockstader, Director of Vertical Market Development, HP Inc.

9:55 am
The Future of Additive Medical: A Presentation of Market Forecasts
Scott Dunham, Vice President of Research, SmarTech Markets Publishing

10:20 am
Additive Medical Markets: Technical and Regulatory Aspects
Dr. Roger Narayan, Professor of Biomedical Engineering UNC/NC State and America Makes Fellow

10:50 am
Coffee Break

11:05 am
Panel I - 3D-Printed Medical Implants
Laura Gilmour, Global Medical Business Development Manager, EOS North America
Scott DeFelice, President and CEO, Oxford Performance Materials
Brian R. McLaughlin, VP of Engineering, Quality & Operations, Additive Orthopaedics LLC
Tom Barrett, President, DiSanto Technology (GE Additive)

11:50 am
Panel II - 3D-printed Prosthetics
Arif Sirinterlikci, University Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Director of Engineering Laboratories and Head, Department of Engineering, Robert Morris University
Lyman Connor, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Handsmith
Andrew R. Hanson, Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer, Stratasys
Maria Esquela, Founder and President, Enable Alliance
Kara Noack, Business Development, BASF

12:35 pm

1:50 pm
Panel III - 3D-Printing in Surgical Planning and Modeling
Todd Pietila, Business Development Manager, Materialise
Gaurav Manchanda, Healthcare Solutions Manager, Formlabs
Others speakers TBA

2:35 pm
Panel IV - End Users Hospital and Clinic Experiences and Strategies
Robert Wesley, 3D Printing Engineer, St. Louis Children’s Hospital of BJC Healthcare
Joseph Lipman, Director of Device Development, Hospital for Special Surgery
Dr. Jonathan Morris MD, Physician, Mayo Clinic

3:20 pm
Coffee Break

3:35 pm
Panel V - The Future of 3D Printing in Medical Markets
John Hornick, Partner, Finnegan
Hui Jenny Chen, M.D., CEO/Founder, 3DHeals
Steve Pollack, Senior Staff Research Scientist, Carbon, Inc., and Former 3DP Director OSEL, CDRH
Dr. Matthew Di Prima, Materials Scientist, CDRH / OSEL, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

5:00 pm
Cocktail Reception

Day Two - January 23, 2018

Materials, Dental Markets and the Investment Perspective

8:00 am
Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 am
A word from our sponsor

9:10 am
Keynote: Virtual Surgical Planning, Integrating Precision Healthcare with 3D Technologies for Better Surgical Outcomes
Katie Weimer, VP Medical Devices, 3D Systems

9:40 am
Panel VI - 3D Printing Biomedical Materials
Dr. Kenneth Church, CEO, nScrypt Inc.
Adam W. Feinberg, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Golway, CEO, Advanced Solutions
Marc Thurner, CEO, RegenHU
Patrick Thayer, Bioink Officer, CELLINK LLC
Dr. Fabien Guillemot, CE & CSO, Poietis

10:25 am
The Market for Bioprinting
Davide Sher, Senior Analyst, 3DP Adoption Studies, SmarTech Markets Publishing

10:55 am
Coffee Break

11:10 am
Panel VII - Additive Medicine and Dentistry: Investment Industry and VC Perspective
David Labiak, Senior Portfolio Manager, Trent Capital Management
Charles Goulding, Attorney, CPA and President, R&D Tax Savers
Lawrence Gasman, President, SmarTech
John Hartner, Founder, Digital Industrialist LLC

12:00 pm

1:15 pm
"Additive Dental" Market Opportunities
Scott Dunham, Vice President of Research, SmarTech Markets Publishing

1:45 pm
Panel VIII - The Future of 3D Printing in Dental Markets
Rik Jacobs, General Manager, Dental, 3D Systems
Justin Marks, Founder / CEO, Arfona
Steve Pollack, Ph.D., Senior Staff Research Scientist, Carbon
William "Bo" Sutch, Senior Account Manager, North America Prodways

2:30 pm
Coffee Break

2:45 pm
Brief Summing up of the Conference
SmarTech analysts

3:15 pm
Conference Closes

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